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2016-07-20 12:45 am

First Journal - July 2016

Wow this journal entry thing reminds me so much of when I used to write journals on Deviantart, way back in 2009. Crazy how time flew since then.

Oh, introduction? Erm I'm just some guy on the internet with too much time on his hands, and insomnia. No big deal though, I deal with it pretty well. Hahaha. I am older, most people online fangirling over books and tv shows are in their teens. I am 21. I ain't about that adult life, its so stressful! LoL

Today was hot and boring. Not much happened. Not that anyone cares.

So anyways, Yeah that's it.
To sum up, I'm just an Internet addict that found a new outlet. And said outlet reminds me of Deviantart, but more complicated. (Why did you have to go and make things so complicated?) XD

With practice though, I'll get the hang of this site. Hopefully.

Welp... goodnight lol